The Latest Ed Hardy Leather Jackets for Men

Published: 12th April 2011
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Ed Hardy is the world's leading fashion brand for tattoo clothing and specializes in creating amazingly stylish graphic tees. In addition to popularizing tattoo clothing and trucker hats into mainstream trends, it is well known for creating innovative and stylish designs and products. Among their earliest offerings was a range of striking and wonderful leather jackets for men.

Leather jackets for men have long been associated with various subcultures including bikers, goths, aviators and metalheads among others but one often forgets that even aside from these associations, leather jackets for men are comfortable to wear and give you a sleek and stylish look.

Aside from leather jackets for men, leather outerwear for children is available from Ed Hardy as well, as with the EH Tiger Jacket for boys which is black in color with a metal zip detailing, buttons and patches for this jacket with a zip-up front. With tiger tattoo art on the back, this outerwear is excellent for casual wear and is warm but not stifling.

Ed Hardy leather jackets for men are styled in the unique way exclusive to the brand and are decorated with patches, rhinestone detailing, embroidery and ornamental rivets among other embellishments. Made from top quality materials including 100% genuine leather, these leather jackets for men have since been joined with other Ed Hardy outerwear including windbreakers as well as bomber and track jackets.

The LKS Varsity Windbreaker and the Bronx Ghostrider Bomber are both comfortable to wear and an excellent option to wear in colder climes. While the Bronx Ghostrider Bomber gives you a classic aviator look, the LKS Varisty Windbreaker is an excellent option if you live in a cold and windy city.

Athletic personalities will appreciate the stylish and specially designed range of track jackets that feature fabric that breathes but keeps you warm with the ribbed neckline, hemline and wrist cuffs

Christian Audigier in partnership with Hubert Guez, CEO of Ed Hardy is determined to take the Ed Hardy brand to the next level in terms of style. Stylish new products and accessories are constantly being introduced, this includes designer laptop bags and iPad, iPod and iPhone covers and cases, to complement the tattoo clothing currently available.

At you can buy the latest leather jackets for men along with other stylish outerwear, tattoo clothing and accessories. All merchandise is guaranteed authentic at, the official Ed Hardy online store.

World famous tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy is considered by many to be the Godfather of Tattoo. A chance meeting between fashion icon Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy developed into an apparel brand that started the tattoo clothing phenomenon. Inspired by a lifetime of artistry, the brand and its likeness have risen to exceptional popularity in record time. You can find authentic Ed Hardy merchandise at our official online store at

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